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This & That

I’m taking full advantage of having Internet so below are just some random things..

What I found on the shelf of our local grocery store:


Salsa from the 505 alllll the way in SC~ Score!!!

And this is where I write a lot of these posts


The library here is awesome! Storytime starts next week and I can’t wait! Hopefully we’ll meet some new friends! Outside of those windows is this:


It’s all that’s left of a huge mansion built in the late 1800’s. Guess it caught on fire several times; the last time being in 1970.

Sorry for all the pictures that are such poor quality, they’re taken with my iPod. With no Internet at my moms and our computer sitting in a storage unit this is as good as it gets!

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Two in school!!


Today B started PreK! It’s a Montessori program at A’s school M-Th, 730-1130a and his first day went great!!

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The not so great part about SC

The bugs. It’s a good thing there aren’t neighbors close to us, because anytime something lands on me (or even flies past me) I scream. I’d say like a little girl but A isn’t phased by the bugs at all- she just laughs at me. At night it sounds like a jungle!! I don’t want to know what’s hiding in those trees!!

The scariest thing I’ve seen is this guy:


He’s about the length of my thumb! His web was probably 4’x3′!! He only comes out at night and there’s no sign of even his web in the morning.


Poor J stepped on some Fire Ants and got about 30 bites. I now carry after-bite ointment and Benadryl in the diaper bag. Putting on bug spray is apart of the daily routine. The locals say they’ll be gone come fall. Thank goodness!!

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little smiles



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Sullivan’s Island ~ Mt. Pleasant


Fun morning – the beach was clean and not at all packed. A&J loved the water while B preferred to build sand castles. L seems to really enjoy the fresh air too.

I love SC even more after today! We’ll come down here when you come visit! Cute town, awesome architecture and good shopping and food!







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We’ve gone to Charleston this weekend! Tomorrow we’re headed to the beach- kids are so excited! It’s awesome to only be 3.5 hours from the ocean! South Carolina is such a beautiful state. It’s crazy seeing so much green. It’s also still a little weird not seeing the Sandia’s.


That’s what we call the ‘tree tunnel’ it’s on the way to A’s school. Even J says its pretty.


A’s first week of school went well. She seems to like her new school and has (no surprise) made several friends.

B- loves riding his {Barbie} Jeep around Grandma’s huge yard. All the kids LOVE the outside space; even the dog seems happier. He really wanted to go to school and misses A but he and J are starting to play nicely together.

J- He’s starting to talk a lot, even though I seem to be the only one that can understand him.

L- A few weeks ago she started getting fussy nightly around 8. Thank goodness it only lasts a few hours BUT it’s exhausting!!! She’s lucky she’s so darn cute and now smiles at you. She had some pooping issues since moving to SC but it seem to be working its way out (literally..). I can’t believe she’s already 8 weeks old!

M- he’s applied for several jobs and talked to a couple temp agencies. Fingers and toes crossed something will work out soon!

Me- I love living in the country!! Well, minus the poor cell coverage and no internet. I can make it to Target with my eyes closed and I know where Trader Joe’s is. Life is good 😉

Here’s a couple pics I took earlier this evening. See those bags under my eyes? Thanks L!



Have a great weekend!

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first day 2nd grade!!

Today was A’s first day, she was very excited to get back in school! They do things a little differently in the South…when we pulled up to school the music was blasting- wish I would have recording B doing fist pumps!! There were several mascots (including male AND female Chick-Fil-A cows) and a couple of football players from Clemson. Her teacher is Mr. Gay and I think she’ll really enjoy being in his class. He gives Popsicles for completed weekly homework assignments and he likes to cook with the kids. Plus he has a snake and a fish tank- So he already ranks pretty high with A!




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Greenville Children’s Museum


What a fun day we had at the Children’s Museum last Saturday!! When we have a better Internet connection I’ll upload more pictures. Here’s a short video of A doing the weather forecast in their ‘I can be anything’ exhibit.

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one last time

one last pic before we leftImage

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Made it!

After following this for four days and 1,540 miles, the image is like burned into my brain. I saw it when I closed my eyes at night. This was a rough tip! We’ve driven to SD, OR, CA and SC before and the kids have always done great. Not so much this time. Maybe it’s their ages? Maybe it’s because theres four of them? Let’s just say the dog was the most well behaved!

Glad it’s over!!


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