taking back roads


on August 25, 2012

We’ve gone to Charleston this weekend! Tomorrow we’re headed to the beach- kids are so excited! It’s awesome to only be 3.5 hours from the ocean! South Carolina is such a beautiful state. It’s crazy seeing so much green. It’s also still a little weird not seeing the Sandia’s.


That’s what we call the ‘tree tunnel’ it’s on the way to A’s school. Even J says its pretty.


A’s first week of school went well. She seems to like her new school and has (no surprise) made several friends.

B- loves riding his {Barbie} Jeep around Grandma’s huge yard. All the kids LOVE the outside space; even the dog seems happier. He really wanted to go to school and misses A but he and J are starting to play nicely together.

J- He’s starting to talk a lot, even though I seem to be the only one that can understand him.

L- A few weeks ago she started getting fussy nightly around 8. Thank goodness it only lasts a few hours BUT it’s exhausting!!! She’s lucky she’s so darn cute and now smiles at you. She had some pooping issues since moving to SC but it seem to be working its way out (literally..). I can’t believe she’s already 8 weeks old!

M- he’s applied for several jobs and talked to a couple temp agencies. Fingers and toes crossed something will work out soon!

Me- I love living in the country!! Well, minus the poor cell coverage and no internet. I can make it to Target with my eyes closed and I know where Trader Joe’s is. Life is good 😉

Here’s a couple pics I took earlier this evening. See those bags under my eyes? Thanks L!



Have a great weekend!


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