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The not so great part about SC

on August 29, 2012

The bugs. It’s a good thing there aren’t neighbors close to us, because anytime something lands on me (or even flies past me) I scream. I’d say like a little girl but A isn’t phased by the bugs at all- she just laughs at me. At night it sounds like a jungle!! I don’t want to know what’s hiding in those trees!!

The scariest thing I’ve seen is this guy:


He’s about the length of my thumb! His web was probably 4’x3′!! He only comes out at night and there’s no sign of even his web in the morning.


Poor J stepped on some Fire Ants and got about 30 bites. I now carry after-bite ointment and Benadryl in the diaper bag. Putting on bug spray is apart of the daily routine. The locals say they’ll be gone come fall. Thank goodness!!


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