taking back roads

Labor Day Weekend!

on September 4, 2012

Warning! Long post but lots of pics 🙂

Friday morning we woke up to thick fog; made for a gorgeous drive to school!



Friday night after we put the kids to bed M and I went to see Lawless. We hadn’t been to a movie in forever and it was probably before A was born that we’ve gone to a 945 showing! L came along and slept in my arms the entire time.

On Saturday this little cutie was 2 months old!


Look how much she’s changed from her 1 month photo!!

This weekend we took a little day trip up to the mountains (And remember, last weekend we were at the beach- gosh, I love this place!). We checked out the last covered bridge in SC

We drove through the Gorgeous! Sassafras Mountains – which happens to be the highest point in SC
Ended the day with some yummy pizza from the Mellow Mushroom. I had cheeseburger pizza–sooooo good, complete with bacon, ketchup and mustard! For dessert we had some froyo. If you know me well then you now how much I looove marshmallows (m thinks I’m so weird) and this place didn’t have any so I give it a B-

(Mine is the one with the cheesecake bites.)

It’s a rainy morning, the kind you’d like to lay in bed all day but your kids don’t let you. 😉

Time to get B from school – he’s loving it and was so excited to head back today!!


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