taking back roads

The Backyardigans!

on September 10, 2012

{I know some of you are now singing The Backyardigans theme song}

Our kids beg to go outside and it’s the first thing A asks to do after school. The only downside is having to wear bug spray because I’m a total nerd about the toxicity levels in products (thanks Tish!). I cringed at the thought of spraying them down with it and then (gasp!) going to bed with it on. Lets be real- I have 4 kids, it’s not like I’m going to bathe them before every nap and then again before bed each night. So I had bought some stupid expensive non-toxic stuff for the kids and an even more ridiculously expensive one for baby. They smelled like a giant citronella candle but that beats them growing a third arm, right?! 😉 But my mom just read that Pure Vanilla Extract works as a bug repellant!! So I’ve been putting that on and it seems to work plus they smell awesome!! Win/win!!





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