taking back roads

{laying low}

on September 16, 2012

Mom and Mike are in Charlotte for a drag race so we’re just hanging out here this weekend. It’s nice to be still and relax. And nap. A brought home a new school year cold and passed to B, and he’s given it to J. So it worked out well for us to be lazy this weekend.

This week marked one month that we’ve been here. With school, homework and tests it’s starting to feel less extended vacation and more real. We really do enjoy SC. We’ve figured out the directions/highways pretty well. It’s not like you can just make a left on Wyoming and a right on Montgomery and there’s Target. It’s more like take 7S to 156E to 11N (which then somehow becomes 164W?).

M has been working hard at finding employment and finally this past week he’d gotten some calls. I’m working on not worrying about the “what if’s” They say things run slow around here.. but being patient has always been hard for me!! For now I’ll enjoy his unemployment and the extra help with kids!
Have a great week!





“Man, y’all got a sack-full of kids!”

Yes sir, we do.


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