taking back roads

Hey y’all!!

on September 25, 2012

It’s official ~ we’re South Carolinians!! Today M & I traded our NM licenses for SC ones!!! It’s also official that I’m blind as a bat. I had to take the eye test and I passed by the skin of my teeth. Or more like by the process of elimination…

DMV Lady – read row number one for me

Me- #### #### ####

Lady – ok there’s one last column

Me- squinting, closing each eye one at a time, crossing eyes trying to focus..

Me- ummm 6633?

Lady- no try again

Me- 6936?

Lady- last numbers not a 6 try again

Me- 3?

Lady – no

Me- 2?

Lady- no

Me -9?

Lady – no

Me – 8?

Lady- Yes!

M is laughing, I’m bright red and now it’s time to take my picture. Great.


All we lack is a Clemson tiger paw bumper sticker and we’ll fit right in!


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