taking back roads

{happy halloween}



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The only sign of Sandy in this house are in B’s drawing- the brown swirls about to hit the boat! We’re over 200 miles from the coast. We sit at a high 850 feet here in Upstate SC.

Up this week: Halloween!! They’ve only changed their minds about costumes 642 times… B will also have his first school field trip!! He’s sooo excited about taking a real bus! He’ll go to a farm about 45 minutes away. Fall Break starts Thursday, they’ll go back the following Wednesday. I’m sure we’ll all be ready for Wednesday 😉

Have a good week! Looks like some of you may get some snow! Luckily it’ll only be in the low 50’s here!

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October Afternoon, I Love You.


October is the best! Especially here: Bye Bye Humidity!!

{This post has really nothing to do with October.. its just one big photo dump of some super cute kids!}





Favorite past time.


Every time I ask J if he wants to potty on the toilet this is what I get:



Today he’s 2 months away from being three, I’ll be shocked if he’s out of diapers..



If her hair doesn’t start growing in the front, she’s going to have to do a comb-over!

20121023-221941.jpg Sassy. The Bruiser. Benny Boy. Honey Boo Boo.
LOVE them!!!!!!

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Just Monkeying Around

M started working (!) Monday so it’s just me and the kids (Man, was I spoiled having him around for the last 3 months!). Today I took them to the Big City and we went to the Zoo! It was nice, however very small compared to ABQ’s. But to them it’s all the same and it had the basics: lions, elephants, monkeys and a giraffe.



That’s Autumn and she’s the big news story around here since she’s due any minute!

Didn’t want to leave out this super exotic exhibit:

You work with what you’ve got, right?!


Monkey see, Monkey do!

Is this not the cutest picture?!

Too bad I couldn’t have gotten L in there.

A’s favorite thing she saw today: a chipmunk. The scariest thing B saw today: that chipmunk. He’s funny like that. We see tons of squirrels around the house but not chipmunks. You would have thought A won a years supply of candy!

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We celebrated 10 years last weekend with a getaway to Atlanta. We let L tag along while Gma watched the other three.
Highlights from the Best Anniversary yet:

Sleeping in well past 6am!

Restaurants without play areas or a drive thru

Banana Bread French Toast. Amazing.

Shopping here

Took a walk through History


MLK Jr National Historic Site – a moving and very well done memorial

Last stop before heading home was IKEA ~ can you hear the the Angels singing? We didn’t need a single thing but it’s just fun to walk through and dream of furnishing our future house with all things IKEA!

When we got home J said he missed us. B cried and said he didn’t want us back yet. That’s Love.

Ten Years.


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Emily and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Remember a few weeks ago when I got my SC license? Well, we also wanted to register our van and get SC plates but learned that we first had to pay property tax {What?!} on it at the County Assessors office. Since we didn’t have time then I tried to take care of it this morning.

I look up the address on the website -which lists no hours, so I assumed (first mistake) they opened around 8/830 and I’d go after dropping A&B off at school. The actual building had no sign or hours posted either. After sitting for about an hour in an empty parking lot, I’m able to get through to someone on the phone and she tells me the office has moved.

*They should probably update their website of that change*

After I pay taxes on the van (Still don’t understand why I have to pay property tax on van?) it’s back to MVD, stand in long line, hand lady at window my license let her know I’m there to register and get plates. I hand over tax receipt and title to van, lady says, “Sorry I cant help you. Your husband must fill out this form first because only his name is on title.”
Deep breath, I smile, OK. Look down at the littles who are about to lose it anyway. We’ll be back tomorrow.

Start heading towards Chick-fil-A for play group, stop at bank to deposit a check and get cash. Where’s my license? Sigh. Sorry J we can’t make it to play group today. Toddler Meltdown. Drive back to MVD, unload L, go on other side to unload J and my license is sitting next to his car seat.


Not only did I waste a TON of gas but last night I ran over a (dead) skunk and you can still smell it.

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what i learned this morning

Did you know camels have their boobies on their back?


Hotel food tastes waaaay better than my cooking.

{Says the four year old}


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Oktoberfest and Fall Festivals are big around here. Big. M came across an article earlier in the week about a cute little German town in Georgia, about an hour and a half away that celebrates all month long. It sounded like it’d be fun for the whole fam so out we headed- the drive was gorgeous; at times reminding us of northern NM.

Helen, GA

I can hear:
“The hills are alive with the sound of music…”
Wrong country but oh well…

I had envisioned a Red River like town where we’ll park and walk around all happy, dining on amazing German food while listening to Polka music. Umm No. It was CRAZY! Miles before we even got into town it was nose to nose, moving at a snails pace! And when we finally got into town it was PACKED with people!! It was very Red River like – on the Memorial Day Bike Rally Weekend. Several intoxicated people. One guy yelled out that he was the ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and then pretend to play a flute.


We didn’t even get out of the car, there was no place to park and I was afraid I’d lose a kid in the sea of people.

Besides we didn’t wear our Lederhosen.

Oh well, maybe we’ll return in November, hopefully there will be some awesome German food left!

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3 Months!

Yesterday L was 3 months but she had a case of the Mondays and was not up for posing. We didn’t do much better today-




She’s growing like a weed! Usually she’s a happy baby and starting to let out little squeals/giggles. Getting better hand and eye coordination. She’s on zero, zilch, nada! schedule. Grandma doesn’t like to let her poor, pitiful, mistreated spoiled granddaughter cry so “I’m going to let her cry herself to sleep” method isn’t happening. Needs a paci and holding on a blanket to fall asleep at night (or nursing; which she would do around the clock if it was up to her!). The colic (if that’s what it was?) is much, much better – figured out that I need to stay away from dairy, chocolate and caffeine – that means no yummy pumpkin spice lattes. Boo! Her gummy smiles will melt anyone’s heart! And so will this:


Her sweet feet and J’s massive Fred Flintstone ones. Awwwwwwww!

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