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Emily and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

on October 16, 2012

Remember a few weeks ago when I got my SC license? Well, we also wanted to register our van and get SC plates but learned that we first had to pay property tax {What?!} on it at the County Assessors office. Since we didn’t have time then I tried to take care of it this morning.

I look up the address on the website -which lists no hours, so I assumed (first mistake) they opened around 8/830 and I’d go after dropping A&B off at school. The actual building had no sign or hours posted either. After sitting for about an hour in an empty parking lot, I’m able to get through to someone on the phone and she tells me the office has moved.

*They should probably update their website of that change*

After I pay taxes on the van (Still don’t understand why I have to pay property tax on van?) it’s back to MVD, stand in long line, hand lady at window my license let her know I’m there to register and get plates. I hand over tax receipt and title to van, lady says, “Sorry I cant help you. Your husband must fill out this form first because only his name is on title.”
Deep breath, I smile, OK. Look down at the littles who are about to lose it anyway. We’ll be back tomorrow.

Start heading towards Chick-fil-A for play group, stop at bank to deposit a check and get cash. Where’s my license? Sigh. Sorry J we can’t make it to play group today. Toddler Meltdown. Drive back to MVD, unload L, go on other side to unload J and my license is sitting next to his car seat.


Not only did I waste a TON of gas but last night I ran over a (dead) skunk and you can still smell it.


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