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Just Monkeying Around

on October 21, 2012

M started working (!) Monday so it’s just me and the kids (Man, was I spoiled having him around for the last 3 months!). Today I took them to the Big City and we went to the Zoo! It was nice, however very small compared to ABQ’s. But to them it’s all the same and it had the basics: lions, elephants, monkeys and a giraffe.



That’s Autumn and she’s the big news story around here since she’s due any minute!

Didn’t want to leave out this super exotic exhibit:

You work with what you’ve got, right?!


Monkey see, Monkey do!

Is this not the cutest picture?!

Too bad I couldn’t have gotten L in there.

A’s favorite thing she saw today: a chipmunk. The scariest thing B saw today: that chipmunk. He’s funny like that. We see tons of squirrels around the house but not chipmunks. You would have thought A won a years supply of candy!


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