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November 1st?!

on November 1, 2012

November 1st! Can you believe it?!

You know why I like November? Christmas Music! Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mariah Carey, the traditional songs..doesn’t matter, love it all (Well, minus anything by The Chipmunks)! I’ll be listening from today until Christmas!
And its going to drive M crazy! 😀

This time last year we decided we were going to stop talking about moving and DO IT! M took on a 2nd job, we watched every penny and saved like c r a z y. And here we are!

{Still a little shocked that we live in South Carolina}

We also learned we were expecting #4
And here she is, four months today!

20121101-133342.jpg Everything goes in the mouth now

Halloween was a little different since we went trick or treating to business doors instead of in the neighborhood. Kids got candy and that all that matters to them but unless M can come along next year (He had to work), I don’t think we’ll do that again. It’s hard to keep track of 3 kids in costumes surrounded by lots of other kids in costumes all rushing to fill their bags with candy! Here’s a couple more pics from yesterday:





20121101-133616.jpg smiles turned to a frown when it was time to go!

B is on his field trip right now! Wish I could have joined him! We’re seeing his personality more and more everyday. A is bossy a leader. He’s a follower. Its Jaxon this and Bradley that. He really likes play-doh and puzzles. Lately he’s started drawing a lot too. He doesn’t want to do anything baby: anything J wants to do.. Batman and Spiderman are BIG! A few weeks ago M took him and A to a local theater production here of the Jungle Book and he LOVED it!!!! I wasn’t sure what he’d think so a little surprised at how much he enjoyed it.

Not sure what we’ll do for Fall Break. Picnic at the park? Maybe a trip to Children’s Museum? Hopefully sleeping in though!!! Have a great weekend!! We’ll be cheering Clemson on while they play Duke!

20121101-134032.jpg Watching them beat VT, she’s their cutest fan!!


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