taking back roads

man cannot live on bread alone {except for my son}

on November 25, 2012

I’m huuuun-gry! I hear that about 453 times a day.

Drives me c r a z y.

A&J will eat just about anything. But B…Oh that child. He’s already so thin, his little brother out weighs him. He pretty much only likes 2 things – cereal and pb&j sammie’s. And of course it’s the super-duper sugary cereal that he wants – you know, the kind where you might as well just grab a spoon and eat sugar out of the jar..

Yesterday I tried to be fun mom and made him graham crackers with peanut butter and his named spelled out in raisins.

20121124-202028.jpg He looks at me with those huge blue eyes and says, “But moooooooom I said I wanted peanut butter and jelly.”

I give up.


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