taking back roads

five months!

on December 2, 2012

December is here and what a beautiful first day it was!! My {littlest} sunshine turned 5 months! She’s getting harder to take a picture of..squirms everywhere! She’s discovering the range of her voice and also tries to get ahold of everything!





20121202-144913.jpg Those are my baby shoes!

Our house hunting continues..I’m not sure what the average number of viewings is before you find ‘The One’ but I feel like we’ve exceeded it. Our poor Realtor deserves every cent of her commission! I really don’t think it’s that we’re being super picky ..basement, large kitchen, acreage is what we really want but we’re willing to compromise. I think it’s just the of the time of the year; who wants to move out at Christmas time?
While we were out hunting we came across a parade – I think every fire engine within a 50 mile radius was in the parade (Would hate to have a fire during parade time!!). Michael complained he was getting a sunburn -ha!- so he broke out the umbrella. J was dancing to the marching band!



20121202-145844.jpg That float is by the city workers, if you can’t tell he’s plunging an out house toilet. And no Christmas parade would be complete without Santa! Made B’s day!


The house hunt continues this afternoon and this time we’re dragging my mom and MSr. with us! Fingers a toes crossed we find a good one!!
We’ve got a fun month ahead and something planned for the kids every weekend – next week we’ll do baking and another parade. Following week we’re going to look at lights, week after that we’ll celebrate J’s THIRD bday. Ohmygoodness! how can he be 3 already?! And then it’s Christmas!!!!!!

Hope you have a great week!!


One response to “five months!

  1. Christy Davis says:

    Looks like a fun time! And who would have ever thought, sandels in December! WE MUST COME VISIT! We had a dusting of snow here last night.

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