taking back roads

home sweet home

on January 20, 2013

20130120-132114.jpg Was hoping (in my dreams..) for hardwood but it’s vinyl. New carpet throughout will be installed tomorrow!!!


Also, if you’ve ever wallpapered a home that you no longer live in and the new residents have taken it down-Not a fun job! You owe them an apology and a manicure. Even though we used this awesome enzyme (Piranha) that ate the glue fairly quickly it’s a pain in my butt forearm.

By the way, it turns out that our neighbor is A’s current teacher! I saw him outside, waved and as we introduced ourselves I realized it was her teacher (Remember, I’m blind so I couldn’t see him until I got closer). A really likes him, but we aren’t in the same district or county anymore so kids will be switching schools, so it’s made it easier when talking about leaving since he’ll be next door. He says he wants to be the neighbor of yesterday – he’s offered us soup, brought over coffee and probably would have scraped the ceilings had I asked!

Now back to work – today we paint! paint! paint!!


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