taking back roads

home sweet home

on January 27, 2013

On Friday, Winter decided to finally show up. School was dismissed at 10am due to freezing rain and icy road conditions. Conveniently our heater stopped working too.

Welcome to home ownership!

Not exactly sure when it stopped but when we arrived Saturday morning with the first load, the house was COLD! Our neighbor is letting us use a heater and thankfully we have a fireplace and Walmart sells wood! Our first night here we slept all together in our room – which is probably what would have happened being in a new place with new sounds..I wish I could say I’m a roll with the punches type– I’m sure I’ll laugh later, but after working hard all day to get moved in, paired with the thought of how much is this going to cost to fix?! I was a little down. But in the areas that I am weak, Michael is strong and level headed and likes to remind me: It could always be worse.

As I unpack I fall more and more in love with our home. It’s a simple home but that’s what we’re looking for – Simplicity. Corny, I know, but it’s been nice to carve away the distractions.

Kids start their new school tomorrow. We had a brief tour last week and I think they’ll both be happy in their new classes. B will be going in the PM so that will be a nice change to only get one kid ready in the morning. My mom jokingly said she’ll miss her maid and cook. I’ll miss my nanny and laundress! Who knows how many times we would have been late without her help!


One response to “home sweet home

  1. lanimcclure says:

    I’m so happy for you guys!! You’ll have to post pics! Love you!!!

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