taking back roads

home sweet home

on February 1, 2013

Very active weather day, yesterday! We were under a tornado watch pretty much all day, later turning into a warning. The weather lady annouced for our specific area to get in our “safe spots” around 445 – a couple funnel clouds spotted to the SW? of us. I drug out a mattress into hallway though looking out our windows it didn’t look that bad. Boys would have blown away, as if they could sit still while there’s a fun mattress in the hallway. Abby acted brave but later she was stressed out/cried that she was scared. She’ll prob need therapy when she’s older ha. I thought I stayed pretty calm but after going over the day I realized I should have made less of a big deal and let them play a game or something while we waited things out. But we learn from our mistakes and just like the story of Noahs Ark, there was a rainbow of colors this morning – a beautiful sunrise.

In other news our heater has been repaired (Just in time for the temperatures to be back in the 70’s ;)). Turns out we won’t have to sell a kidney- the part was cheap and didn’t take too long to fix.

Kids looooooove their school. Today is Slushy Day – all I know is A begged for a dollar and was excitedly talking about tokens and points?? B is excited that he will have homework like his Big Sis and Friday is Show & Tell.

So far this week I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much done around the house. Kids needs push the unpacking to the bottom of the list. Glad we have a garage so I don’t have to look at all of those boxes!

20130131-190106.jpg M cleaning out the gutters. Ladder isn’t tall enough to reach that section so he had to do it by hand. I was a tad nervous! He’s prone to falling down.. flight of granite stairs in high school..numerous times in Red River on the ice..lets not forget the rod and pins in his left leg..then that time last summer where he slipped and blacked out for a second..I joke that he’s top heavy. Gutters might have to be my responsibility.


2 responses to “home sweet home

  1. Marilyn D. says:

    So happy for you to have your own place now, Oh what fun those tornadoe warnings can be, when was the last time one was in your area? and a wise word we heeded, get a gas stove so if and when the power goes out you can still heat water and cook the food that is thawing in the freezer and then let the neighbors cook and have a picnic pot luck!! Glad to hear kids are happy with school, that is a great big PLUS in my book, nothing like an unhappy child and teacher..Do you have a basement or crawl space under the house?

    • zagarfamily6 says:

      We have about a 3-4ft high crawl space. I don’t thibk there’s been a tornado in this area for a while. It’s pretty hilly.. I think we kind of sit in somewhat of a valley. I can see “mountains” surrounding us. You’ll have to come out sometime 🙂 I’m sure the drive time is about the same as going to NM…

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