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I need YOUR help!!

on February 12, 2013

Abby’s school musical is next month and she was given the part of Caterpillar/Butterfly.

I get the fun part of making her costume.


Here is the note from the teacher:

“The caterpillars have a song where they turn into butterflies. These costumes may be tricky to make. There should be some sort of colorful wings that can hang free in the back throughout most of the musical. The wings should have something that can be pulled up and flapped when they turn into butterflies. Colorful fabric with several small wooden dowels attached like the wires in an umbrella may work. At the beginning of their song they need a cocoon made of tan colored fabric that they can be wrapped in. If you have a suggestion for how this can work let me know and I’ll share your ideas with the other butterflies.”

She also “suggests” we search the Internet to get ideas for the costume.
I’ve got a suggestion… Pick a new play, kidding (kind of).

I can barely sew a button on and she’s asking that I basically make 3 costumes in 1.

Dowels and cocoons and wires like in an umbrella, Oh My!!


“If for any reason I feel like my child will not be able to accept the part, let [the teacher] know and part will be reassigned.”

I’m pretty sure the fact that I’m Domestically Challenged is a good reason!!

Help!! Ideas!!!


4 responses to “I need YOUR help!!

  1. Ben Burt says:

    Terribily sorry but you talking to one mentally challenged sewing lady. A pity Laura is not there to help! Can yopu ask for another part without upsetting Abby

    • zagarfamily6 says:

      I know, right! I have to let her teacher know by tmrw if she can do the roll so I plan on calling her in the morning. Hopefully I’ll have a better understanding of how to make it or Abby will have a different part!!!!

  2. Marilyn D. says:

    Emily, I know you are new to the school and probably have not met many other mom’s yet, but maybe one other butterfly mom can sew , so you offer to get the supplies and do team work.I know it is hard with other kids at home that need your time also, Thank God for boys!!! Good Luck!! Mich. St. beat Mich. by 23 pts. last night in basketball.

    • zagarfamily6 says:

      Gotta love those state rivalries! I called the music teacher this morning but haven’t heard from her. I think your suggestion of teaming up with another mom is a good one! Abby’s got her heart set on this part and I’d hate to let her down.. There will be plenty of that in the future, ha! I’ve googled and googled and can’t find exactly what she wants but I’ve got some ideas to share with her, so we’ll see!!

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