taking back roads

eight months

on March 2, 2013

Where did February go?

Lulu {As I like to call her} is 8 months!

20130301-230051.jpg She’s not any closer to crawling..or sleeping through the night..but she sure is adorable!

20130301-230241.jpg Somewhere under that chub is a knee!

20130301-230446.jpg She smiles all the time but it takes some work to make her laugh.

20130301-230614.jpg But, she’ll let out a squawk if one of her siblings takes a toy away from her.


Later this month, someone else will be celebrating a birthday with the #8

20130301-230913.jpg Somebody hold me – How can she be eight already?



2 responses to “eight months

  1. Marilyn D. says:

    Emily, Do all the kids have Michaels red hair? or do you call it strawberry blond? They are all adorable…You will start to guage your move by Lulu’s age..Like we have been here 14 yrs. now, and Harley will be 15 in May, if you can believe that!!! Come Aug. we will be here 15 yrs. and to think after just 6 months I wanted out and was ready to leave.Do you have a mailing address? please. M.

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