taking back roads


on March 7, 2013

Oh lordy this month is zooming along!!

So much to share, ready, set, here I go..

Abby’s musical is in 5 days. According to her teacher another mom is going to make her costume. What a relief. But one minor detail is that I haven’t talked to the mom, she hasn’t measured Abby…but I’m trying not to stress over this– it’s all going to work out, RIGHT?

Tuesday I did our grocery shopping and at the checkout I discovered I left my money at home. What could be worse than that? Oh I know!! A teething poopy snot everywhere screaming baby at the checkout whose mom has left her money and brain at home.

Last weekend we took a day trip through GA and NC. We’re a skip and a jump from both states and both are Beautiful!! A co-worker of M’s said we had to try ‘The Dillard House ‘ while we were in Georgia.


It’s Southern style all you can eat type place. Except there is one menu and they bring all the dishes out to you and you share, family style. It was a fun experience but totally overwhelming with how much food you get (and waste!). Abby said it was the most elegant place she’d been to…as we drank from mason jars, Ha!

Click HERE to see a youtube vid of Food Network’s Alton Brown talk about it. Fun fact- we sat at the same table they show in the clip!

And last but not least; in February we had our first out of town visitors. Michaels parents had been on a cruise that left out of Florida so on the way home they made a quick weekend stop here! It was a little rough at first. L would SCREAM everytime they looked her general direction. But by the end of their visit she warmed up..as long as I was within her view 😉
We ate, laughed, shopped and ate some more! I think I gained 10lbs while they were here. We took them on a drive through upstate SC. It was drizzling, cold and foggy so not the greatest day to take a tour but we enjoyed the ride. Sunday was Spring-like so we took a stroll through downtown Greenville.









Two days was too short. Goodbye was harder than the first time around. Last time boys were clueless, but when Josh started to cry, so did I!

Come see us! We’ll take you to all these places too! Plus there’s still Charleston, Myrtle Beach and The Biltmore to see!!


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