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spoonful of lovin’ {and a sneeze}

on March 12, 2013

After picking toys up 800 times a day the last thing I want to do is clean up another mess. But lately I’ve been feeling guilty that I don’t allow kids to help out more with cooking/baking. So I’m taking a chill pill and worrying less about the mess and focusing more on the fun!

The helpers:

20130312-124916.jpg Benny Boy
And Ray Charles 🙂


20130312-125311.jpg Today we made Strawberry-Lemonade hockey pucks Muffins. I’m no Martha Stewart. If the same recipe turns out tasting good twice its pure luck. After I cut up the strawberries, B sneezed right into them. Guess we won’t be sharing these with the neighbor.

20130312-125728.jpg (The cute knife is from Target, it’s duller than a butter knife, I don’t recommend it!)

20130312-130250.jpg Ray checking out the lemon.


20130312-131221.jpg Benny said he didn’t like the crust but liked the strawberries. Boy #2 had no complaints.


**The musical is tonight!! The costumes made and according to Abby its colorful and flow-y! Can’t wait to see my little butterfly perform!


One response to “spoonful of lovin’ {and a sneeze}

  1. Donna says:

    The musical was soooooo cute! Love the little butterfly! She did a great job!

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