taking back roads

Celebrating #8

on March 25, 2013

We surprised Abs with trip to Atlanta! We planned our weekend around visiting American Girl (AG)- where she picked out a new doll, Saige, her bday gift from Grammie & Grandpa Steve.

20130325-134451.jpg Each year AG comes out with a new doll and Saige is “from” Albuquerque. And has freckles. It was meant to be. 😉

20130325-134700.jpg We stayed at a Marriott close by the store. It offered an AG package – a room complete with pink sheets, towels and robes. Since there are 3 males in our family I thought it was best to skip the pink -and extra $90 a night. The hotel was a sea of little girls, many with tiaras on and their dolls with little matching outfits.

20130325-134859.jpg Marriott offered a special check-in area for the girl and her doll.

20130325-135046.jpg Another reason I picked the hotel was because it was one of the few that had an indoor pool. I had asked for an early check in, so at first we had the pool all to ourselves but later it would be full with dozens of squealing girls and dolls on lounge chairs. Matching swimsuits, of course.
Knowing that the store would be crazy only the Zagar girls went. Lydia slept through most of it. It was fun spending some semi-alone time with the one that made me a Mom!

20130325-135443.jpg Abby and her dolls Alissa & Saige.


3 responses to “Celebrating #8

  1. Grammie says:

    Hope she had a fantastic day and time!!

  2. Ben Burt says:

    Wonderful, marvelous, devine, outstanding, beautiful,etc. and oh, so much fun!!!!!!!!!Alqu. and freckles!!!!!!

  3. Marilyn D. says:

    Emily and Abby, Happy Belated birthday Abby!!! Sounds and looks like it was a birthday for a princess!! I am sure one you will never forget. and Em, I see you everytime I see her, heading out to school in the morning and I always watched for you coming home in the afternoon, you probably didn’t know I was keeping an eye out for you..Oh what memories we have..

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