taking back roads


on March 30, 2013

When Michael said he bought me an early birthday gift from his work, I got a little nervous. Sure our house could use many things from his home improvement store but..for my bday? He said it was in his truck but too big to hide inside from me. I’m thinking a hose? Leaf blower? Vapor barrier material for the crawl space? But then he walked in with this:


My name is Emily and I’m in love with a Stand Mixer.

Funny story – Since the kids saw M give me a gift they wanted to give me something as well. Abby quickly started crafting and wrapped it up. Ben brought me an ink stamp set and asked that I wrap it for him..to give to me. 🙂


One response to “best.gift.ever.

  1. Marilyn D. says:

    Emily I am so jealous of you..But really do they sell that kind of stuff at a home improvement store? My kitchen is too small to have space for that so I will just keep using my trusty old hand mixer..Happy Birthday early!! Spring break here also but he went to Flo., Marilyn

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