taking back roads

easy on my {desert} eyes!

Dewy, foggy mornings
Bright days
Misty sunsets
Trees alive with nighttime jungle noise

South Carolina, your Spring is as lovely as your Fall!







baby chub love





20130423-103112.jpg work it, girl!!

/// new trick: instead of napping sit up grab railing and scream. bonus points: when legs go between and she’s stuck.


it’s tough being a baby.

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10 minutes

That’s all I need to get showered and dressed. 10 minutes to a little kid is too long. 10 seconds is wayyyy too long if they’re hungry.

Bin of beans. Best $4 I ever spent at the Dollar Store. For 10 minutes there was peace.


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Rise & Shine!

20130420-074846.jpg That’s a Recorder, bought for $5 yesterday as a school fundraiser*.
Abby was playing it before the sun was even up this morning.
This fundraiser was Mrs. Music Teacher’s idea. After the stress over the costume and now this, I vote for a new music teacher.

*She used her own money – because there was no way I was going to encourage it being any louder in our house.

(I wanted to title this Kenny G but Michael said our daughter would hate me for it when she was older.)

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Do-over, Please!

Most mornings I have to get on Abby for taking too long or not doing what she should be to get ready for school and out the door. This morning as I was rushing around getting the other 3 dressed, she was flipping through her notebook and said she was looking for a certain page. I told her what ever she was looking for wasn’t as important as finishing getting ready. After dropping her off I found this:

Ugh, stab to the heart!

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20130416-161157.jpg Don’t let the cuteness of that squinty-eyed one fool you, he’s going in for a chokehold!

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Painting, How I Loathe Thee

My mom offered to come help with the kids while I painted; but instead she painting almost the entire room herself. I ended up only painting about 10% of the room –but still complained 100% of the time. 😉 Alison (Mike Jr’s fiancé) stopped by and even picked up a brush and helped out.


On her tip, tip toes. That’s Love.

Color: Shimmering Summer Pool

Will post pics when it’s all put together!

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baby jail.


20130411-185436.jpg How long do you think she’ll last before she starts screaming her head off plans her escape?

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Smartie Pants!


Proud of our girl!!


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9 months

17.3lbs + 28 inches
she has the army crawl down.
patty cake is her game.
two tiny teeth are making her miserable.
add to that today’s shots.



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