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About Me

on May 15, 2013

I know it looks like all I do is take a million pictures of my kids, but there are other things I enjoy doing. Or at least try to do. 😉

The ball of yarn is my attempt at crocheting dish rags/towels. Its also baby steps to living more ‘Green’. Paper towels aren’t cheap and my kids are notorious for grabbing a dozen when only one is needed. After looking on Etsy (if you don’t know about Etsy, google it, I love it!), I decided I’d make my own dish rags. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials!

On to the books..

1984, G.Orwell- Read in high school but I can’t remember it so I decide to reread, to see why it’s one of Michael’s favorite fiction books.

Water for Elephants, S. Gruen – I only continue reading this because it’s the assigned book in a Book Club I’m in. The Prologue was good but I quickly lost interest and can’t wait for it to end. It’s very Nicolas Sparks..but more adult…maybe I should just skip the rest and watch the movie 😉

South Carolina Curiosities, Perry & McLaughlin- Odd, funny, crazy stories about SC people/places/things.

The Reason for God, T. Keller- Another book club read. For believers, seekers, skeptics, doubters as to why Christians believe what they do and why. I’m only a few pages in.

I’m not sure why I’m trying to read 4 books at once??? Or why I just came home from the library with 2 more books. One book seems like a lot with all of my momma/wifey duties! But with only 3 weeks of school left, I know soon reading time will be non-existent!

What are your favorite books or recommendations?


One response to “About Me

  1. Marilyn D. says:

    James Patterson (anything), Sandra Brown “Rainwater'”, and recently found CJ Box, he is a Wyoming game officer (character in book) good storys…I try to read stuff I don’t have to do to much deep thinking..I just like to read…Janet Evanovich also, her books are hilarious, Harlen Coben detective stories and Lee Childs and Jack Reacher novels….

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