taking back roads

Oh, Joshy!

on May 21, 2013

It’s all fun and games until little baby sister touches you.

Ben wants to hold L alllll the time, but Josh- no way! She snuck up on him while he was sitting on the floor, barely touched him and the world came to an end. He turns the charm on for grandmas but his own sister- he wants nothing to do with her!
I caught him playing interacting with her last week.

20130521-123600.jpg She squealed with delight as he pushed her around!
I hear him often say:

Wydia too loud- makes my nose/ hands/tummy hurt.

Wydia stinky.

Me no like Wydia.

Wydia looking/touching/laughing at me.

Wydia stop touching my toys and play with your baby things.

They sit next to each other in the van, I must like to punish myself because he complains 95% of the time. Hopefully when they’re older, they’ll be the best of friends and we can laugh about the times he cringed when his little sister touched him.


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