taking back roads

Summer Snapshots #2

on July 13, 2013

It has been such a wet month. Last week alone we got 7″ of rain. The nice part is, it’s been cooler. Mostly it rains overnight but still cloudy throughout the day – which is nice when you have albino children 😉
This year I really took the time to plan out our days/activities. It’s paid off. There are still days when the fighting drives me nuts and the whining makes me want to scream but overall I think this has been our best summer. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:



(Beavis and Butthead much? Real mature, I know but it’s funny ;))



We actually celebrated July 6th because of the rain



20130713-150556.jpg Taken at the Downtown Greenville Library – the most awesome, well planned out library I’ve been too. Kids area is off to the side and there’s tons for them to play with. I don’t have to constantly “Shush!” them.

20130713-151329.jpg Drawing by Ben. Dads leaving for work, Abby and Ben are playing in front yard, I’m in the kitchen making them a snack, Lydia is napping and Josh is in his room (in trouble).
It’s a pretty accurate description of our days.
Josh actually has been doing a lot better with baby sister. A couple nights ago he asked to hold her. Amazing.



20130713-152341.jpg I found him resting on his nap mat, he’s so excited to start “real” school!

20130713-152557.jpg I noticed dusty handprints on the coffee table last week. I still haven’t cleaned them off. Gasp! But really, who cares – it’s summer, it’s going to get messy again and plus, I like seeing those little hands.

20130713-153213.jpg His little hiney was hanging out, I had to take a pic -too cute! As you can see its not just the dusting I’ve let go.. It’s pretty much all of the house. And honestly, it feels good to relax a little. Most of the time it’s picked up before bedtime. But if not, oh well, there’s always tomorrow 😉
And lastly, here’s what the kids and I did today: Railroad Museum – only open once a month and its a work in progress, but kids loved it! The fire station is next to museum so we did an impromptu tour of it as well. Before heading back home we picked up Sonic and had a picnic at Clemson. Such a beautiful campus!





Hope you’re having a good weekend as well!!

((Happy birthday to grandpa Steve & grandma Ninke today!))


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