taking back roads

“five, but still feels like four”

on July 30, 2013

It’s Benny Boy’s birthday! Seems like only yesterday I heard his first cry. Abby sounded like a kitten purring when she was born. Ben however let out a giant Roar! I thought it was a sign of how loud he’d be in the years to come — he’s the quietest one.


He enjoys drawing roads and building with blocks.
Loves LEGO’s.
Not really a fan of books.
Could careless about TV and movies. He likes to find Uncle Ben’s rice at the store.
Sings along to Benny and the Jets.
Favorite color is orange.
Bunnies are his favorite animal.
Best sleeper out of the four.
Breakfast for dinner.




One response to ““five, but still feels like four”

  1. Ben Burt says:

    I think I miss birthdays most of all.  Wish we could be there for everyone.  Thank you, thank you for being so good about sending pics.  Love to all.


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