taking back roads


We’ve had a fun morning out with friends!

Napping while waiting to pick up A&B.

It’s the calm before the storm.

Soon it will be time for homework and chores. Groannnn. And then dinner, baths and bed. More complaining. It’s been a little hard getting back into the after school routine!

(Last week, Ben working on his first Kindergarten homework assignment)

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Up, Up, Up!




And down, down, down!

Lately every time I turn around she’s standing or climbing on something!

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Ben Z’s Family


Me: Ben, where’s Josh?
Ben: I forgot him.

Nice 🙂

Ben is really enjoying school!! Each day he comes home full of stories about the day. Abby is liking it, but she’s bummed about how much more homework she’ll be required to do.
It’s been nice having only two kids at home. Josh asks about a million times a day if it’s time to pick up Abby and Ben.
It’s been a good week but I’m glad the weekend is right around the corner and I can turn the alarm clock off!

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First day of school and first day of soccer!


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First Day 2013


3rd & Kindergarten
(one of them is a bit nervous)

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Back to School!

Happening now in the Zagar house!

Lunches are made.

Backpacks – full with school supplies, sitting by the door.

Tomorrow’s breakfast casserole cooking in the oven.

Clothes are laid out.

Camera battery charged.

We are ready!!




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Uncle Zac {aka Poo}

Shared from Michael’s Facebook page:

“Some of you may know, but my brother Zachary Zagar was diagnosed with MS yesterday. He has lost a significant portion of his ability to speak and the motor skills in his right arm. He is undergoing steroid treatments and is improving. He will begin rehab soon and in time we expect him to regain what he has lost.”

Zac is Michael’s youngest brother. He’s an extremely talented musician and all around great guy – has a huge heart. Tomorrow is Zac’s 27th birthday. I so badly wish we could be there with him. Like Michael said, we know that he will recover. Right now though, we’re all in shock and hurting for Zac. I thank you in advance for your encouragement, prayers and well wishes.





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Celebrating One Year


Almost halfway through August! School starts in 9 days. Everyone is looking forward to that! This blog has turned a year. Thanks to those who continue to follow us! A year ago, today, we headed out East. It’s been a year of highs and lows. The move and experiences have brought a lot of growth for each Michael and I personally. Throughout the year, I’ve questioned, “Was this the right place?” I discovered I can handle change when it’s going good. But when it’s tough, I don’t do well. Had I known how things were going to turnout our first year, I may not have moved. But I also would have missed out on a lot… and who knows what’s ahead.
South Carolinians are very loyal to their own – this has made building friendships hard. On Michaels recommendation I recently joined Meetup.com — it’s like Match.com but for people looking to join social groups. I belong to a couple Meetup ‘moms groups’ and have started to meet some great women- majority relocated to SC as well.
So the year ahead — our biggest stress is money– Michael will be looking for a new job. I will work on being content. Not allowing circumstances to affect my attitude. We will continue working on our house. Continue exploring our state and surrounding areas. Thank you again for following along in this adventure!

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I knew this day would come. I’ve told myself it was OK, I could live with it. But I can’t put it off any longer.


Today I started taking the kitchen wallpaper down.

It’s adhered to unprimed drywall so I’m going slow, careful not to gouge it.

We also will have to scrape the popcorn ceilings. New lighting. Paint.

I’m not good at decorating. Picking out paint colors isn’t fun for me.

S t r e s s

Stay tuned for the “After”

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