taking back roads

Celebrating One Year

on August 11, 2013


Almost halfway through August! School starts in 9 days. Everyone is looking forward to that! This blog has turned a year. Thanks to those who continue to follow us! A year ago, today, we headed out East. It’s been a year of highs and lows. The move and experiences have brought a lot of growth for each Michael and I personally. Throughout the year, I’ve questioned, “Was this the right place?” I discovered I can handle change when it’s going good. But when it’s tough, I don’t do well. Had I known how things were going to turnout our first year, I may not have moved. But I also would have missed out on a lot… and who knows what’s ahead.
South Carolinians are very loyal to their own – this has made building friendships hard. On Michaels recommendation I recently joined Meetup.com — it’s like Match.com but for people looking to join social groups. I belong to a couple Meetup ‘moms groups’ and have started to meet some great women- majority relocated to SC as well.
So the year ahead — our biggest stress is money– Michael will be looking for a new job. I will work on being content. Not allowing circumstances to affect my attitude. We will continue working on our house. Continue exploring our state and surrounding areas. Thank you again for following along in this adventure!


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