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Halloween 2013: The Big Scare!

on November 1, 2013

As some of you know, around 2pm yesterday Lu had a seizure. She’s fine today, as if nothing happened. It lasted about 5/6 minutes. It was like a bad flashback of 14 months ago when Josh had his. I called 911 and as a precaution we were transported to the hospital. This was such a surprise – she was fine all day, I ran several errands and when we got home she felt a little hot but I assumed it was because she was still in her footed pajamas, and that was making her warm. I laid her down to change and that’s when it started. It took Lydia a little bit break her fever but by 430 she was her happy self again. The ER doctor believes it was just a febrile seizure. Very common. Josh and Ben were ill earlier this week, both had strep so she’s probably fighting a bug and like Josh, has a low tolerance to fevers. Today we will follow up with our pediatrician.

We weren’t released from hospital until 6, so I didn’t get too many pictures yesterday since we were in a rush but luckily Wednesday we had a “Dress Rehearsal” and I got a couple of good pictures..



The kid is obsessed with the movie Karate Kid!

Mike from Monsters Inc.


My little owl and witch.
Hoping for a less scary Halloween next year!


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