taking back roads

Leader of The Pack

on December 6, 2013


Today we were invited to breakfast at school to recognize Abby for her great grades and leadership. Very proud of her!

Notice Lydia’s mouth, stuffed Full!

Last night we put up our tree. It’s a Christmas Miracle been a looooong time since we’ve put up a tree so the kids were SO excited! I wanted to go cut down our own, sip on hot chocolate, caroling through the woods.. But Michael snapped me back to reality and reminded me we have 4 kids and it’ll only end in whining and me upset it wasn’t perfect. So we did the next best thing.

Can’t beat a 6′ tree for $17.98!!


We also picked up some fun glasses that reflect the lights as snowmen.
She loves the tree!



And he’s saying, “Pleeeease can I open just one?!”

It feels like a warm Spring day, but I know the cold is coming. Boooo! As I write I’m letting them enjoy Popsicles in the tub (the safest place to eat a Popsicle!).


Have a great weekend! Stay warm!!

(Birthday love to cousin Addy and Aunt Katrina!)


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