taking back roads

The Weekend

on February 10, 2014

I spent the weekend with 6 friends in Atlanta. We ate at restaurants that use cloth napkins and are child menu free. We stayed up late and slept in the next morning. We had mani’s and pedi’s. And we laughed A LOT.


While I was off relaxing, Michael planned a fun weekend for the kids. Saturday they ate out for lunch and saw the new LEGO movie. There’s a park next to the theater so they hung out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Then it happened….


Abby lost her footing on a tire ladder, hit one of the tires with her mouth and *completely* knocked out her top front tooth.

Her adult tooth.

Amazingly she had no idea it was gone until she felt something running down her chin, wiped it and saw the blood on her hand. They made an emergency visit to our dentist, who prescribed antibiotics and pain medicine – which she hasn’t needed, the scrape on her chin hurts more than her mouth. She was referred to an Orthodontist, who we saw today. He suggests waiting a month or so, allowing the gums time to heal and then attach/glue a fake tooth to the neighboring teeth. Later down the road she’ll need braces (we’ve known this for a while) and then around 16-18 years old she’ll get an implant.

She was a little nervous to go back to school – afraid of what her peers would say but today when I picked her up she was all smiles. She’s one tough kid and we’re so proud of her!

Huge thank you to Michael – he overall handled things 10x better than I ever would have. He’s also the one that made the awesome tooth fairy note. Such a great dad.


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