taking back roads

lunch date

on March 20, 2014

Abby asked if I’d come have lunch with her this week since Saturday is her birthday and “All the other kids’ parents eat lunch with them on their birthday’s.” How could I say no after that? And since I said yes to Abby, Ben wanted me to have lunch with him too. Might as well! They told me the parents bring in something special for lunch, so I brought Chick-Fil-A, which happens to be 20 minutes away since we live in the middle of nowhere. And guess what? Neither kid wanted the nuggets I brought them – both decided school lunch looked better. B had a pb&j sammie with baked beans and apple icy/slushy thing. Abby had turkey w/gravy, rice and a chocolate brownie. Lucky for me J&L are eaters and took care of their siblings meals. It was fun to see then interact with their peers – especially B – he’s getting to that “I’ll say I love you but don’t you dare kiss me in front of my friends” stage. Stinker!



He wanted to stay at school; we’ll see if he still feels that way in 10 years, lol.

If you get a chance please send a bday wish to Abby, her email address is:

Abigail Maddison at gmail dot com

Thank you! I know it’ll make her day!

Have a great weekend! It’s almost officially SPRING!!!!



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