taking back roads

April 1st

on April 3, 2014

I had planned to wake kids up on April Fools Day and tell them it was snowing and there was no school. Instead, A woke us up a little after 3am because Lydia was having a seizure. I wish it was a joke.
I hated seeing my little baby’s body convulse like that – and the choking, rattling noise is something I’ll probably never forget- but being that this is my third experience, I was calm.
Until she had another one. I yelled at M to call 911. In the lifetime 10 minutes it took them to get to our house she had a series of 3 more smaller ones. Long story short we were transported to a children’s ER in Greenville, CT scan was clear, she was released, we’ve followed up with her primary doc, diagnosed as another Febrile seizure. Because her last one was 5 months ago, if she happens to have another seizure this year she’ll be seen by a neurologist just to make sure everything is Ok. Statistics tell us now that she’s had two there’s a good chance she’ll have more. Most kids “outgrow” febrile seizures by age 5.

Day before at park, trying to keep up with big brother Josh.

At hospital, worn out. Doctor told us that their body having a seizure is like us running a marathon.

Yesterday after dropping big kids off at school. Silly Lu.

Today while we were playing outside Josh picked me a dandelion. Lydia brought me something too:



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