taking back roads

benny boy

on June 3, 2014

I am so proud of Ben’s accomplishments. He has grown by leaps and bounds these last 10 months! He is so close to reading, whereas at the start of the school year he didn’t even want to open up a book. We still have a couple hiccups with speech/pronunciation but that is tied more to his jaw and later this year he’ll see an orthodontist. Math is his strongest area. Art is also a favorite. He has become more coordinated and is doing really well in T-ball, he has quite an arm!  Best word to describe Ben is “Sweet”. All teachers adore him. Girls call him cute. He always wants to do/look his best. He has informed me that he needs some hair gel. Since he is more reserved than A&J, it’s fun to hear his full belly laugh. However, he can burp on command and is very proud about that. He’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. His favorite color is black. He is still the picky eater. And he is growing up way too fast.

Here are some pictures from this mornings graduation.

image (6) image image (8)  (seated, second row)

image (9)

Mrs. Corontzes and Ben

image (10)

Proud Mom!

image (11)


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