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Summer: Week One

on June 13, 2014

What a week its been!

Monday: I went and had my hair done. It was the calm before the storm. I needed the 2.5 hours to prepare myself for the rest of the week!

Tuesday:  Cupcakes with friends (at 10 in the morning, thankyouverymuch) and swimming.

image (22) image (23)image (24)

I’ve already developed a love/hate with swimming. For one, only Abby truly  swims.. the other three like to cling to me. And when they aren’t clinging, they’re sliding and I’m catching them. We do this about 500 times. So of course they’re exhausted and on the way home fall asleep – but this is really more of a Power Nap.. and when we get home I’m WORN out and they are ready to go go go!

Wednesday: Free summer movies at theater began and pool again.

image (12)  Abby was brave and went for the top slide. She squealed all the way down, every time and it was hilarious! That bottom slide is my post. Plus side – I may not be swimming but I’m getting a killer upper body workout 🙂 We swam for almost 3 hours that day! I came home with a major burn – even though I applied sunscreen twice.

image (13)

Lydia did way better than I expected at the movies. She stayed quiet almost the entire time. My plan is to take them weekly but I have a feeling she won’t be as well behaved as time goes on.

Thursday: Fourth day  into vacation and I’m dragging. Horrible thunderstorm Wednesday night so I was up most of the night with scared kids and dog.  Weeks prior I had organized a dairy farm tour for this day with our friends, so we were out the door by 8:30. The smell was quite nauseating but the kids really enjoyed learning about the farm and a baby calf was born earlier in the morning so we got to see its first steps!

image (16)

(That’s Jaeden, he’s Josh’s BFF)

image (14) image (15)

Here is a link to Happy Cow, its a pretty interesting story and the best milk I’ve ever had!! I brought home all sorts of goodies 🙂


We also had Tball last night.

image (19)

(Josh batting, picture from YMCA)


Ben finally played in a game!  The first two scheduled were cancelled due to rain and then he  missed two more due to strep. He was a little nervous but had fun!

image (18)

Benny “The Jet” Zagar 🙂


Today: BARK (books and reading kids)

I love, love this program. I have Abby and Ben signed up all summer! Today Ben read “Go, Dog, Go”. SO proud of him.

image (17)

I had planned to take them swimming after BARK but decided my skin needed one more day to heal from the burn. There is also Tball game tonight so I was afraid it would be too much.


Sadly, I’ve still heard the words “I’m bored”.  This year I have a plan though.. When they say the “B” word they have to pick out 2 chores from a basket. They’re either going to learn real quick to find something to do or I’m going to have a super clean house this summer. 🙂

image (20)





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