taking back roads

game night!


A&J root for Clemson
B cheers for Gamecocks or any team playing against Clemson – tonight he’s for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Best part of football season starting: it’s almost Fall!!!

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LONG weekend


All the spoons are dirty. The house is dirty. The kids are driving me nuts.
Happy Saturday, folks.

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J big day!


Had a great day!

His favorite part:


He said he met one friend, wasn’t sure what his name is though.

Up at 530 this morning, completely dressed, ready to go!! When we got to school he marched right in.

I think it’ll be a great year!

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3 school kids!



He was brave. I was too.

Until I drove away – then I was a *little* teary.

But I know he’s already having a good time, the teacher had donuts for them. And J likes loves donuts.







Just you and me, kid.

And some laundry.

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one step ahead

With four kids, I need to be more like 100 yards ahead — so the clothes are laid out, lunches packed, and breakfast burritos are ready to be inhaled!

Tomorrow J starts PreK. I don’t remember crying on A&B’s ‘First day’ but I may just ugly cry allll the way home. You see, those two were super excited about school – But Joshy is a Mama’s boy, through and through! When he talks about going to school he’s 50% excited and 50% scared to leave his mom – it makes him teary.


I’m tired of these kids growing up so fast! He’ll be turning FIVE in four months!

***I’ll be back with a full report on Joshy’s big day!***

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Homework Time!


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2014/2015 school year

We gave homeschool a 4 week try but to keep a long story short – change of plans.. They’re going to school! Josh will start preschool (at their school, conveniently) later next week.


4th grader. But all she keeps saying is “Two more years until middle school!”
Don’t remind me 😦

Next up, the big man on campus 😉

1st grade!
Since up until last week the plan was to homeschool, it hasn’t really hit me that summer is over, they’re gone. It’s going to be really quiet when J is in school too. I’m kinda excited.. It’s been over 6 years since I had just one kid at home. What will I do with myself?!

Oh that’s right: clean, grocery shop, prep dinner 😉


Out of the four, these two are the closest and love being together. I hope they stay that way!

Update on the potty training:
She does great at night and in public – no accidents. BUT the girl will.not.poop.in.the.potty
Always in her underwear.
Poopy underwear is much worse than poopy diaps.
But we’re going to keep on keeping on.. Hopefully she’ll catch on soon!


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Tinkle tinkle little Lu!

My summer to-do list:

1. Read more – check. Books I’ve read (and highly recommend!): The Kitchen House, Secret Life of Bees, Sold and The Light Between Oceans.

2. Ben tie his own laces – check

3. Get Ben reading – check

4. Josh learn to wipe his own booty – …..still working on it – he CAN – he just doesn’t want to :/

5. Potty train Lydia.


She’s probably been ready for a while but with our trip to SD, I didn’t want to deal with it. So for the next three days we’ll be home bound. She’s already had 40oz of liquid, two successful potty trips and one accident.

Its going to be a long, messy weekend!

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Swim lessons

Abby is a fish, Josh is fearless and Ben is becoming more confident! Lydia is just plain sad that she can’t join them!

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He’s crying because he’s getting one and she’s crying because she’s not.

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