taking back roads


on September 3, 2014

First time writing name out without my help. :))
Yay, PreK!

Everyday is his “Best day ever!”. He loves going to school! He’s so excited to tell us about his day!

“I painted!!!”
“I played outside!!!”
“I had jello!!!”
“I ate broccoli!!!”

Abby is enjoying school as well. She hasn’t even complained about homework! She tried out for chorus, should hear later this week if she made it. In a few weeks she’ll start Girls On The Run – an eleven week program that encourages strong bodies and minds. At the end she’ll run a 5k!

Ben is having a harder time. He shows signs of minor OCD. Mornings are very tough for us, lots of frustration getting dressed, everything needs to be just so. He asks to be homeschooled almost everyday. We’ll give it a little more time before we make any big changes.

While the big kids are at school, Curly Lu and I play, read and take selfies :p






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