taking back roads


on October 6, 2014



I modified a recipe – it called for a pumpkin filling but I didn’t think my kids would like it so I just used grape jam. Fail. Burnt/caramelized >> disgusting.
And since I was fussing over these and trying not to burn dinner too (chicken pot pie), I lost track of time and was 15 minutes LATE to pick up the kids.
Double fail.


One response to “Fail.

  1. Ben Burt says:

    Never a fail!!!!!!!!  Just being a busy mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pumpkins sure looked good.   We are members of Blizzard (DQ) Club.  Got gift coupon today.  Buy at least 1 med and get 1 free.  Blizzard of the month is pumpkin!

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