taking back roads


on October 14, 2014

I post this as I’m hanging out in the closet with Lu and Tucker, the dog. We’re under a tornado warning. The sirens went off so there must be some activity within 15miles. Lu thinks this is a fun game. The dog is practically in my lap. The big kids are at school, prob in tornado drill position. A&B were supposed to have field trips today, so they prob aren’t too happy right now.

Here are a couple pics I took yesterday (all with phone):



Could she be any cuter?!!!


What are you doing?
Playin’ with ‘puter.


I took ^^ after I let Lydia in (see yesterdays post). Gorgeous morning. I love fall mornings.


I drive by this field multiple times every day. In the morning on our way to school , the sun is just rising and shades of  pink and orange light up the sky; its a breathtaking view.

Yesterday was also our twelfth anniversary. This was taken on our honeymoon..


Me and baby face Zagar. Thank goodness for facial hair, ha.

And this is what he got me:


He knows me well.

The warning has expired, time to play!! Have a wonderful day!


2 responses to “9:45am

  1. Marilyn D. says:

    Em and Michael, Happy Anniversary!!! WOW 12 yrs., seems like last week I was out there
    for that day!! It was such a beautiful day. We just had our 27th. a couple days ago, been together
    30 yrs. now…Amazing how time goes by…

    • zagarfamily6 says:

      30 years?!!! Wow.
      M and I were discussing how it feels like its been longer than 12 years. Guess four kids and a couple of moves will do that..but before we know it, we’,ll be celebrating #27!

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