taking back roads


on October 23, 2014

That’s just a fancy way of saying “Gallbladder surgery”. Which is what I had done this morning.


M said I looked pretty rough — I felt pretty rough. Giving birth to a 10lb baby without an epidural was less painful than the way I felt after surgery. I’m better now though, I’ve got some good drugs in me now. 🙂

This was a scheduled surgery.  On Saturday, September 6th, I woke up with sharp shooting pain radiating from right side of chest, up around shoulder and down arm. I literally thought I was having a heart attack. I’ve never experienced pain like that before. M said I was just having severe heart burn – which I’ve never had before. I tried tums, apple cider vinegar. Nothing helped. M’s motto when he’s hurt is ” walk it off” – I tried walking it off but by Sunday night I was hurting even more and after Googling all weekend long, I was convinced I was dying. 😉
I went to the ER around 7pm and it was packed. Its also a teeny hospital, so resources are pretty limited. After several hours, an EKG, lab work and chest x-ray; the doc decided it must be gallbladder. But they didn’t have anyone to do ultrasound so I was sent home. Tuesday I went back for ultrasound – no stones, so they did some cool radioactive dye test which showed my gallbladder was only functioning at 6%. Sent back home to make appointment with primary doc to get referral for a surgeon. Two weeks later I met with him and today’s surgery was set.
Its been a long  6 weeks of waiting for today. I’ve had a diet of chicken, eggs, toast and crackers. After this I never want to see those foods again. Pain has been managed with meds. Plus side – I’ve lost 10lbs. Downside: I’ve been pretty irritable and tired almost the whole time.
But it’s over! In a few days I should feel a lot better. In six weeks I can return to gym and regular activity. I still have to eat the bland diet for 2-3 more weeks though. I’d kill for some fiber – like a salad! And cheese..Maybe some ice cream too. I’m thankful though that coffee didn’t bother me, or I just wouldn’t have survived, ha.
M has tomorrow off and then my mom will take kids over the weekend and then he’s requested time off Monday – Thursday. All the kids care about is Halloween — I MUST be better by then!



Two cutest doctors in town were working on my gallbladder earlier this week. J said he could do surgery for me.


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