taking back roads

24 Hours Post Op

on October 24, 2014

Night one went to be expected – very little sleep. I started out in bed but that lasted for about 10 minutes. I ended up on recliner, waking up every 1 to 2 hours from pain/needing to use bathroom/kids. Child #2 woke up around 130 from a dream and wanted to sleep with me, then sometime after that the  dog heard something outside and growled > barked> scratching to get out. I may have threatened him with his life if he didn’t stop. I was awake again around 4am and took a pain pill, again at 440 when J decided to turn on every light  in his room and bathroom to pee. When he spotted me and Ben in the backroom he decided he needed to join us. I sent both boys back to bed, which prompted the sirens to go off (crying). I then decided I had enough fun and woke up Michael to deal with them. Lydia then woke up and wanted only me, more sirens. All I can do is laugh and hope I get a nap today!

Other than lack of sleep I haven’t done a good job staying on top of medicine. Yesterday evening I accidentally let five hours pass, instead of taking it every four. Then overnight I did it again. Some one call me at 8am, make sure I take my next dose. 😉

A lot of the pain I feel is from the carbon dioxide, bloating –  hopefully that’ll be over with by this evening. The incision in my belly button is  really sensitive. I feel best when standing but get a little dizzy. All my incisions have surgical glue, kind of a weird feeling. 

This was my first gallbladder attack (I think while pregnant I’ve had some mild pains- but that can be common with pregnancy.). The night before my attack I had gone to Panera with friends, had a 1/2 turkey sandwich and a chai tea — so not like it was some heavy greasy meal.   But neither of my parents have their gallbladder so I guess I can blame them? It’ll be interesting to see if our kids have any trouble with theirs.

Everyone is up, time to get kids ready for school! Ben has a field trip to a farm and J has show and tell – both are equally excited! TGIF!


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