taking back roads

Second Night

on October 25, 2014

Last night went much better. I slept from 1030-715 and in my own bed! I feel like I’m 9 months pregnant – when I have to get up,  I kinda roll back and forth until my feet hit the ground.

Before bed I  skipped my dose since I wasn’t in much pain – but when I wiggled out of bed today the soreness really hit me and I took one this morning.
My appetite is getting better, but I’m still sticking  with chicken noodle soup. Last night I had a bowl of bran cereal.. {{About to get personal here, potty talk.. Turn away if you can’t take it}} I’ve yet to go to the bathroom, bathroom..Thursday, before surgery was my last BM so I’m a little nervous! I drink H2O nonstop and with the vegetable stock, carrots and celery in the soup, I’m getting some fiber. I’m up walking around, doing light stuff around the house, yesterday I did a load of laundry. From what I’ve read online, BM issues can be a problem with those sans gallbladder.. Guess I’ll have to wait and find out..but hopefully not wait too long. Eeeek.
Today and tomorrow I have the house all to myself.  Mom has kids and dog and M is at work. Most of the time it feels like our house is going to explode from the noise and number of children running around but right now its so empty and still. Kinda weird. Kinda nice too, ha. There’s a list of things I could be doing or cleaning but I’m going to try to relax and heal. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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