taking back roads

Sunday Morning

on December 2, 2014

M bought me a new lens for my camera; so of course I had to drive my kids nuts and beg them to look at me practice using it.


Saturday was the  big Clemson vs USC (Gamecocks) game. Clemson won Big time, so naturally J rubbed that in B’s face every five seconds…Sunday morning the older 3 had a Wii Mario Kart race-off. I think it’s pretty clear who won..





“Sweet Wii Victory!”


Tough loss.
((Can’t you see a glimpse of teen Josh in this photo?!))

Happy DECEMBER..eeeeeeek…

Lots of family members bdays this month!!

(Addy, Katrina, Alissa, Alison AND Josh!)

He wants to go to the children’s museum and to school… Who wants to go to school on their bday?! The boy with a crush on his teacher, that’s who!!


29 months  old  today! 😉
Have a wonderful week! It was a nice 73* here today!!!


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