taking back roads


on December 8, 2014

8.5 days until Christmas break
15 days to J bday
17 days til Christmas
3.5 months to Abby’s bday … I’m sure you can guess who notified me of that, haha!

So much to cram into these next few weeks!

Tonight we have Abby’s choir performance and musical. This year she has the part of a student – no costume needed!!


We still haven’t put up a tree..such a pain to drag all the stuff out, I’m almost tempted to just buy a tiny tree for the kids room’s.

Next week is the first grade music performance..

And there’s the classroom Christmas parties..

Friday Ben has a field trip to the post office to drop off letter to Santa — I’m kinda torn about this, I know its a fun thing for the kids, but let’s face it, our county is one of the poorer ones..I hate to think of all the kids waking up disappointed on Christmas day.

I want to take the kids to a couple neighborhoods in Greenville that have awesome light displays.

Friday night cousin Issy is spending the night and I’m taking her and Abby out on Saturday to get nails done and lunch – that’s my early gift to them, I know they’ll love it!! And then later that day Abby, Issy and Ben will do a 3hr holiday baking camp at a local cupcake shop!! That should be a lot of fun!!

Did I mention J’s bday? 😉 because he likes to remind me hourly that he wants to go to Children’s Museum! And since he can’t go to school he wants to get hamburgers after. Silly kid!

I’ll close with some pics (of course). Have a great week!



Dressed herself — Leg warmers and slippers, no pants, T-shirt, 45* out.



Our pre-race faces. So warm and dry! I think of how wet we ended up and just laugh. Running in rain jackets only makes you sweat more. 😉


A house that I turned around and stopped in the middle of the road for.

And lastly, four siblings getting along for 3.5 seconds


Ipad, it’s the best and worst thing.


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