taking back roads

Nit Picking

on December 21, 2014

What a week this has been.

Someone brought home lice and then shared it with three others.

Yep, lice. The four letter word that no parent wants to deal with.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get rid of lice in 4 heads– one being your own?!

I have done laundry non-stop since Monday. When I’m not doing that, I’ve been cleaning or treating hair or combing hair, nit picking The boys’ got buzzcuts, I trimmed 3″ off of Lydia and seriously was so close to chopping off my own hair.

I will burn the house down if we ever get it again.

I guess lice has been going around the school like a cold. Some heads up would have been nice!

My grandma told me to slap mayo all over our heads and cover with bag. That helped suffocate the live ones and a lot of nits fell out when washing mayo away. I then went ahead and did a CVS lice rinse, which is supposed to kill them right way but we have to do another treatment tomorrow to ensure none have hatched. And because nits are like super glued to the hair, I then slapped olive oil with rosemary essential oil mixed in. That made the nits slide right out. I hope its gone. I’m clinging to my sanity by a thread, ha.

On Wednesday  we finally decorated our tree. We had it up since Saturday but everything got thrown aside.


M put up the lights and I let the kids do everything else. This is pretty much the only side they decorated 🙂

The other thing I’ve been doing this week is shooing her out of the tree..


She pretty much rearranges the tree hourly and has torn little holes in the wrapping paper.

So with everything going on, I didn’t send out Christmas cards..just just pretend this arrived in your mailbox instead:


                 Merry Christmas
                 The Zagar Family

Christmas 2014 – the year we had lice.


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