taking back roads


on January 1, 2015

Morning! Hope your last night of 2014 was more exciting than mine!

2014 went by quick, quick! In a few days we will be in our house for two years. Seems like we’ve lived here for longer than that!
I’m hoping for great things in 2015! Like a new job for M, easing the financial strain we currently feel would be awesome!
• I’d like to get back on track at the gym. Summer, knee injury, gallbladder, lice and the holidays have caused me to slack. I was feeling so good about my health last spring and I want to get back to that.
• Reading – another thing I dropped the ball on.
• Photography – continue to learn/grow and become more confident.
• Limit screen time, close down the computer, put down the phone. These kids are growing fast and I don’t want to waste precious time. Play with kids – sounds so simple right, but it can be exhausting. It’s easier to just allow them to play on their electronic devices -and me to just do my own thing (or as much of my own thing one can do with four kids around..). I want to connect with them and help them to build better relationships with each other.

What are your goals in 2015?



Making her list of resolutions? I bet it says:


Stop coloring myself with Sharpies.
Stop getting into my sisters stuff.
Stop leaving naked Barbie’s all over the floor.
Stop throwing a toddler tantrum when mom says, “No”.


Yeah, right — probably more like:

Eat more candy
Finish a whole pack of gum
Continue to give mom gray hairs

Happy New Year’s everyone!! Hope it’s a great one!


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