taking back roads

Starting off with a Bang

on January 1, 2015

Banging my head against the wall that is..

(Dramatic, much)

Unfortunately the lice have returned (never left?new batch hatched?).

While out enjoying a NYE celebration pizza dinner, I noticed something crawling in Lydia’s hair.

Insert major sad face.

When we returned home I ran the nit comb through her hair and found a couple of live ones. I then ran it through my hair and found some too. I briefly looked through A’s hair but didn’t see anything. I didn’t look at the boys – I doubt they have any given how short their hair is..and well if they do we’ll just buzz it again.

I’m not going to lie; I  shed a few tears tonight.

I know in the scheme of things this is so, so minor and that there are people fighting major health battles. But for me, right now, its a lot.

6 people, 5 beds, twice as many pillows..coats, hats, nit picking..all over again. I worked HARD the first round. Just today I unbagged stuffed animals and throw pillows and just today I put the comforter back on our bed.

From the two previous hair treatments my scalp is as dry as a desert and flakes like a blizzard – its bad. The only snow storm in SC is coming off my head.

My hair was already in a fragile state from the gallbladder issue. Due to 6 weeks of little to no nutrition, unhealthy and quick weight loss, then the shock of anesthesia to my system; my hair has been falling out. As in M even  noticed it — my hairline is  moving back and you can see my scalp around the crown.  As if I wasn’t  totally freaking out concerned about that, I now have lice to add to it.  

So between the hours of 9pm-12am, while our neighbors celebrated NYE with fireworks..and guns..I nit combed my hair.

Happy 2015, may yours be louse free.


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