taking back roads

Spread Love, Not Lice

on January 9, 2015

Found a live louse on L head tonight.

I don’t even know what to say.

I’m burning the house down.

I’m shaving heads.

I am constantly picking through hair. I look like a monkey.

I have crazy eyes.

When will this end???? How do I get rid of this? There are six heads in this house!!!

I combed through her hair and didn’t find anymore. I reeeeeeeeally really hope this was a lone louse. Just hatched from one nit that I missed. I hope it was a male. A non-egg layer.

This has taken up so much of my time (And money!).

AND sanity!!

You might as well start buying stock in Fairy Tales hair products because we now own every lice product they have. Supposedly this will help keep them away.


It better work.

Times up, gotta go nit pick my hair now.


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