taking back roads

Pictures, and more pictures..

on January 10, 2015

This afternoon L crawled in my lap and fell asleep –  I realized I’d swap lice back and forth for a lifetime to have those special moments. I had this *little epiphany* that there are many parents childless or that  have lost a child, that would do anything to be holding their baby or be hugged by their kids – lice and all. So no more whining about lice. It’s horribly inconvenient – but that’s all that it is. A very minor inconvenience.
(That I want to stop, very soon ;))

Moving on.. I’ve been trying to  carry my big girl camera around more,  take pics of something other than just the kids 🙂 What a week to get out and take pictures — its been freezing cold!! Most of these the wind chill was in low teens!!

*I didn’t edit any of these, just left as is*


Beautiful sunrise from Wednesday morning.


Steeple from a Huge abandoned church – I want to know the deets on this church – what caused it to close? There’s almost literally a church on every corner, what caused this one to shut down?



I find this sign so interesting. It sits across the street from what remains of a demolished denim factory. The town’s population is just over 3,000, and a little under 10% of that population lost their jobs when it shut down in 2011.

(The following 3 are phone pics because my camera died while I was out, ha.)


(Don’t worry – I’m fully stopped, back roads, no traffic around)


Good reminder!


And this just reminded me of Abq, with all the orange barrels.
The next set are off M’s home-brewed kombucha (fermented drink made with black tea, sugar, yeast and bacteria. Found in the produce section, if you’d like to try some :))




I probably spent too long photographing these bottles but I just love the amber color and the bright light coming through the kitchen window.

And lastly, coffee.


I never even really liked coffee — But then four kids happened and I realized I NEED coffee. I was spoiled in the 505 with coffee shops all around, now its just home brew and a LOT of creamer. So maybe its more like, I like creamer with a little splash of coffee 😉

Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of the kid – because I know that’s what you really come to see!


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